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The Cats

In the time Alex and I have been together we've had two cats: Sammy and Boots. We got them in February 1994 from an old lady who couldn't (or wouldn't) look after them any more. She had been given them by her daughter when they were kittens five years before and had never really wanted them. As a result they were pretty well unloved and poorly socialised. Sammy had lost one of her upper canines and Boots cowered when any man came into the house so they had clearly been ill-treated at some time though who by remains a mystery.

Neither Boots or Sammy are with us now. We lost Boots to cancer in the summer of 2001 and Sammy just recently (June 2006) to a suspected heart attack at the ripe old age of 18. I think these photos of the two of them show how they found their place in our home and made it theirs.

Settling In

The Great Rug Fight

Photo Call

Sammy's Pad

Mum's Cats


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